Mira Prime

A collection of short horror fiction.
The pesky humans keep sabotaging Dracula's plans!
Fynx resorts to unconventional methods to save Grem from the humans.
A group of young vampires enact a plan to bring down the old vampire order.
A Remnant: From the Ashes Story
As a plague rips apart the Golden City, a group of dark magic practitioners have to fight for their very existence.
Fynx and Grem make a plan to steal some battle plans.
The goblins have to save their friends from a gatling gun.
In a war torn fantasy world, two goblins fight for their home.
Inquisitor Nevanka Freja travels to a mushroom forest to investigate a murder.
As Troka works on an electrical problem, she realizes something about herself.
Troka, Nia, and Binkit drift and find themselves in an unexpected place.
Troka and Binkit look for work and find a cause.